Performance-Driven Training (PDT) Development


Performance-Driven Training (PDT) is our unique approach to training that targets the organization’s desired outcome while maximizing the return on investment of training dollars.  To overcome training challenges and achieve our client’s bottom line, Turbo’s highly qualified Instructional System Designers do more than design training solutions, they are Performance Consultants. Our ISD Performance Consultants identify the client’s goals for learning and design and execute a cost-effective plan with measurable ROI and flexibility for continuous improvement.


The PDT approach to training development consists of three areas of equivalent importance: The Goals, The Method, and The Team

The Goals


Clearly defined goals or objectives are the foundation to an effective training program and its curriculum and ultimately closing performance gaps.  Performance-Driven Training development begins with clearly articulating the customer’s goals and identifying how success is defined.  Our ISD Performance Consultants work closely with our clients to identify desired workforce goals, current performance gaps and desired return on investment. Once goals are established our ISD Performance Consultants can develop a tailored training solution and metrics by which to measure the success of the training solution impact.

The Method


We take a carful and deliberate approach to Instructional System Design.   By using a well-defined process, Turbo saves our customers time and money by catching problems while they are still easy to fix.  Because we are first and foremost Performance Consultants we continually evaluate our own processes to ensure we deliver training solutions of the highest quality.


Turbo primarily uses the ADDIE model, the generic process traditionally used by instructional designers and training developers.  The five phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—represent the core method to building effective Performance-Driven Training.

The Team


Like any successful organization, Turbo’s strength is its people.  Our workforce’s diverse education, training and work experience gives Turbo the edge when it comes to developing training solutions.  Our Instructional System Designers have created training solutions for Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Private Industry, and Defense organizations.  Our team has developed powerful, outcome focused training with the customer’s end state, budget, and continuous improvement in mind. We cover the complete cycle of training from conducting a needs assessment and job/task analysis to design and development of course material, to training delivery and evaluation.