Our Mission


Improve government workforce performance by strengthening its capabilities through innovative, flexible, and cost-effective training solutions.

The Challenges of Training


As your organization strives to enhance performance through training its human capital, the expectation is that time and money dedicated to training delivers results. Turbo understands the challenges and risks that our clients face when implementing new training solutions.


Remember that last training you attended? At the completion of training did you ask yourself why I am I here? Was that training designed to fill an identified capability or skill gap? Was the cost of the training and time taken for it justified? We know when our clients dedicate time and resources to training they want to see immediate, sustainable and long term results.


Turbo’s team of instructional experts can provide innovative training solutions in the following areas:

  • Performance-Driven Training (PDT, our unique approach to developing training)
  • Instructional System Design / Curriculum Development
  • Training Assessments and Evaluations
  • Compliance & Certificate-based training
  • New personnel/career training
  • Skills Assessments/Gap reduction
  • New technology roll-outs
  • E-Learning
  • Video/Virtual/Animation-based Training
  • Classroom Instruction