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We offer a FREE placement service for client-facing, highly-skilled IT professionals with Security Clearances and U.S. citizens that are seeking to acquire a U.S. government clearance. We seek out the best-of-the-best IT talent and partner with them as career agents to find classified federal project opportunities with leading government integrator companies.

Why should Turbo Federal assist you?

You are our client…

We understand that talented IT professionals are selective when evaluating new project and job opportunities.  But finding a long-term project that aligns with the preferred security clearance level, technical strengths, desired compensation, location, and work environment is a challenging and time consuming task.

                                                                                                                                                                                              There are many potential projects out there but only a small hand-full that are the right fit for you. Turbo is an expert in the search and evaluation of technical projects requiring clearances in the DC/MD/VA area. We know the agencies, we know the employers/contractors, and we know the contracts. And because we work for you, your needs come first.

Strategic Advantage…

As a specialized local leader in placement and consultancy services, we have a proven track record of placing high-end IT professionals with clearances onto long-term federal projects throughout the DC/MD/VA area. We utilize our relationships and leading industry tools to bring you the best opportunities available. Here are some key advantages of working with us:f the great benefits of allowing Tuto work for you:

  • Save Time – we save you countless hours by evaluating hundreds of opportunities to find those that match your specific technical, clearance, and environment needs. We also manage all of the back-and-forth of the the their entire hiring process for you (submission, interview scheduling, follow-ups).
  • Gain Competitive Advantage – we leverage our relationships with key-decision makers such as program and project managers, team leads, vendors, and recruiters to directly advocate and promote your candidacy.
  • No Cost or Obligation Our service is absolutely FREE to you. Try working with us at no cost or obligation. 

Contact us to learn more…

To learn more about our placement service and to browse current available and upcoming IT job opportunities supporting federal agencies, connect with an Career Adviser at 888-GoTurbo, or e-mail us at