IT Solutions


We understand the importance IT has to your agency’s mission success. Our technology experts can help accelerate your mission. Regardless of scale or complexity, we can implement flexible, timely, and cost-effective solutions in the following capability areas:

System Engineering and Development

Requirements Analysis; Joint Requirements Planning (JRP); Joint Applications Development (JAD); Rapid Applications Development (RAD); Systems and Information Engineering; Systems and Database Design; Systems Procedures and Standards; Systems Development and Testing; Accessibility Testing and Remediation; Systems Installation and Acceptance; Systems Programming; Systems Integration; COTS Integration; Interoperability Verification and Testing; Systems Automation; Systems Conversion; Web Development; Workflow Processing.

Operations and Maintenance

Systems Enhancements, Support and Maintenance; Systems Documentation; Systems Configuration Management; User Training and Organizational Effectiveness; Database Administration; Technical Refreshment; Technology Infusion; End User /Help Desk Support; Field Site Operational Support – (short and Long-Term); Records/Document Management and Information Distribution; Data Conversion; Data Entry.

Cyber Security

Assessment; Protection, Monitoring; Network and Information Security; Penetration Testing;

Infrastructure Management

Service Development; Service Operations; Service Management; Cloud Architecture, Operations, Migrations (AWS and Azure); On-Premise, Cloud or hybrid models.