Welcome to Turbo Federal


Turbo Federal is a small business headquartered in Alexandria, VA that provides innovative and performance-driven Training, IT and Program Management support services. Our mission is to provide services of exceptional quality and economic value to Federal, State and Local Government clients. Our specialized professionals work with clients to achieve their performance and mission objectives through tailored solutions implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner. Strong and effective management oversees the process from beginning to end, maximizing value and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Turbo?


Aside from award winning solutions and exceptional work quality, what distinguishes Turbo is our customer-focused, passionate and experienced staff. In addition to having the subject matter expertise, our consultants share in a commitment to excellence, personal integrity, customer service, and strive to continuously self-improve. We have an extensive team of well qualified professionals committed to your organization’s success.


Today more than ever before, organizations are challenged to do more with less. Turbo enhances capability and improves performance through customized solutions without losing sight of the return on investment (ROI). We work closely with our clients to achieve the desired outcome while maximizing return on investment.

Driven by Performance


At Turbo, we’re driven by performance. That is our creed. We strive to continuously improve and adapt to the changing and evolving needs of our customers. This is at the forefront of our thoughts and strategy for each engagement and in everything else that we do. How can improve over the last engagement? What did we learn? Can we be more efficient?


We look forward to propelling your organization to success using our outcome-focused approach and proven execution strategy to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Turbo’s Core Values:


Turbo operates by and is governed by the following core company values:


–         Build a Positive Team Spirit.


–         Build Honest and Open Relationships with Communication.


–         Do More with Less.


–         Be Passionate and Determined.


–         Pursue Growth and Learning.


–         Embrace Creative Thought.


We look forward to showing you the Turbo difference.